About Us

Conchar Books is an independent bookstore located in London in the UK since 1999. It was started by three individuals who wanted to bring a bookstore for book lovers in London. It is now one of the most talked about a bookstore in London now. We are a one-stop solution to all your reading needs. We have over 10 million book collection that we have been collecting in the past few years.

A bookstore is a place to read, meet and discuss books and is a quality way of living. We have a curated selection of books which comes under all genres such as arts, architecture, photography, business, children, teens, computer, cookery, dictionaries, fiction, non-fiction, history, humanities, lifestyle, literature, law, medicine, music, nursing, parenting, family, health, politics, public administration, PR, religion, encyclopedia, sports, technology, engineering, travel and holiday. You tell a book name, and we have it.

We also regularly host meetings, events, weekly story timings and any four monthly book clubs. You can either become a member or not enjoy these benefits at our store. We not only sell books at the store but also do it through our online book shop for customers who are not in London. We also offer complimentary books and gift wrappers in online purchases when asked. We also work with schools to regularly host book fairs to celebrate literature among schools and help in their school goals as well. We have all the new arrivals, best sellers, award-winning books and features author books at our shop. You can either visit our store to have a real touch of books before you buy them or directly just order them online using this website.

Online book placing is absolutely safe with Conchar Books Online. The payment gateway is very safe, and we ensure privacy to all the information that you provide with us. Place orders with us regularly and experience a superior and fun shopping experience with Conchar Books.